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Amazing Dr. Recovery Crack+ Torrent

Amazing Dr. Recovery Full Crack is a simple and effective data recovery program designed to help you retrieve data which has been lost due to various reasons. It supports all file formats, including images, videos, music, documents, emails, archives, and more.
It also supports image recovery from digital cameras, memory cards, and CF cards as well as recovery from RAW, 3D, and other special formats.
Furthermore, all the data and files are located within a system drives and partition, raw partitions, and USB drives.

Best Antivirus 10+ Total Security 2017 Free Download Full Version with Crack

Description: In a certain situation, an antivirus protection program can not be enough as an Antivirus, so the Ultimate Antivirus provides an effective real-time firewall, a system optimization tool, a power optimization and boosting tool, an anti-theft and parental control tool, and an Anti Hacker tool for your computer. It provides a highly effective security system that will avoid your computer from being attacked by hackers and virus programs.

Key Features:

For System Windows:

Quick Scan Mode:

Store the scan results to a permanent storage or a removable storage, and a log can be created.

Storage Optimization:

You can remove non-critical software package files and unnecessary files for your computer.

The program will protect your computer privacy, and you will not receive any spam mail.

The program will run quietly in the system tray, and you will not receive any notifications.

The program will prevent your computer from getting attacked by hackers and virus programs.

The program will let you monitor your computer using the built-in system log and process list.

The program will manage your Power Settings and help you save energy.

Temporary Files Cleaner:

No matter how long you do not use your computer, the program will remove the temporary files that are harmful to your computer.

Lossless Data Recovery:

No matter what file format it is, the program will recover even the most difficult to recover data for you.

The program provides a big Parental Control tool, and you can set the timeout period for the program.

Anti-theft Protection:

The program will protect your computer from being stolen, and the program can automatically delete the copy files if

Amazing Dr. Recovery

As its name suggests, the program is designed to give you access to accidentally deleted, lost, or formatted data. It has a very straightforward interface, allowing you to perform fast recovery from all sorts of corrupted files.
Faster, easier, and more reliable way to recover lost files
Than other methods.
The program supports files such as images, videos, documents, and more, however, it does not contain any type of timeline that keeps track of the changes made to your files, so you will have to re-enter all the date/times once the missing files have been recovered.
Even though you can import media files from other apps, the program does not allow you to preview your files.
Even though some of the features of the program make it a more convenient alternative to the more traditional solutions, it is not suitable for recovering the most important files, such as family pictures, financial documents, and emails.
Alternative: NRecover
As the name of the program implies, the program is designed to help you perform data recovery where files are lost or corrupted.
NRecover is an easy to use software utility, with a lightweight interface, that supports image files, documents, audio, video, spreadsheets and presentations, applications, system, and other files.
It includes many features, such as a preview interface, a breadcrumb view to keep track of the recovered files, a customizable interface and language settings, file filtering by type, size and other criteria, manual recovery, scanning and repairing of the disk, and more.
The program also supports recovery from hard drives, USB drives, eSATA drives, memory cards, digital cameras, and more, and provides fast data recovery at no additional charge.
How to Recover Deleted Emails from iPhone/iPad/iPod?
Despite the fact that most users manually remove the deleted messages from their devices, they tend to forget to do so.
As a result, these messages, once deleted, cannot be retrieved.

Do you have important emails that have suddenly disappeared from your iPhone? There are methods available that can help you recover all kinds of deleted data from your iPhone and iPad.
It is highly recommended to use such methods and not just rely on any phone data recovery tutorial. In some cases, it is possible that a phone data recovery tutorial simply isn’t able to recover all data from your iPhone.
The importance of knowing how to recover data that has been deleted from your iPhone can’t

Amazing Dr. Recovery

Unlike other image recovery programs, this software is very specialized in scanning and recovering corrupt images and videos. So, it’s highly recommended that you use it for your purposes. It supports all Windows OS versions, doesn’t have any limitation for the disk space and RAM, and performs its tasks in an extremely quick way.
It can scan and recover all kinds of digital photos and videos, including gifs, jpgs, etc. Now, in case, you have lost your data, you won’t have to worry. In such a situation, this software is the ultimate solution to rescue you. It has features like:
Recover lost pictures from digital cameras.
Recover data from your deleted files.
Recover damaged folders and files.
Recover deleted files from external hard drives.
Recover data from formatted and damaged PC.
Recover images from corrupted RAW files.
Recover corrupted video files.

Amazing Dr. Recovery 2017 Overview:

Amazing Dr. Recovery 2017 Version 2.23

File Size: 47.31 Mb

Packed By: Hard Disk Recovery

Type: Windows Software

Update Size: 14 Mb

License: Shareware (30 Days)

Price: $30.00

System: All Windows OS

With Amazing Dr. Recovery, it is now possible to recover lost photos, graphics, files, documents from RAW photos, DNG files, JPEG photos, and more.

The user interface is very easy to use and it provides you with a robust and effective solution to rescue your data. Moreover, the program comes with numerous useful tools which will help you check, preview, repair, and recover your data in no time.

Amazing Dr. Recovery 2018 Overview:

Amazing Dr. Recovery 2018 Version 2.34

File Size: 47.33 Mb

Packed By: Hard Disk Recovery

Type: Windows Software

Update Size: 13.8 Mb

License: Shareware (30 Days)

Price: $29.99

System: All Windows OS

With Amazing Dr. Recovery, it is now possible to recover lost photos, graphics, files, documents from RAW photos, DNG files, JPEG photos, and more.

The user interface is very easy to use and it provides you with a robust and effective solution to rescue your data. Moreover, the program comes with numerous useful tools which will help you check,

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Microsoft Office 2013 is a version of Microsoft Office that was released in 2013. This article provides a summary of the basic features of Office 2013, and how to use Microsoft Office 2013 to create, edit and save documents.
Key Features of Office 2013
Create and send e-mail messages
Use the Out of Office Assistant to stay connected when you’re not at your desk.
Add pictures, diagrams, links and comments to your e-mail.
Create and send invitations to others, even when you’re offline.
Find information faster by using new Search options
Use SharePoint Services, SQL Server to create and share online content, including presentations, spreadsheets and articles.
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Windows 95 and Windows 98 are well-known as the earliest versions of Microsoft Windows ever created. Win95 and Win98 run on a number of different platforms, including x86 and x64 CPUs. You can download these operating systems from the TechNet Subscriber Downloads site.
[Click on the links above to download the files.]
Downloading Windows 95 and Windows 98
Downloading Windows 95 and Windows 98 requires the installation of the MSDN Libraries for Windows 95 and Windows 98. These libraries can be downloaded from the Microsoft Download Center.
To download the libraries, go to the Download Center, and then click on the Software link in the top-left corner of the Web page.
After the libraries are installed, Win95 and Win98 are downloaded and installed.
Installing Windows 95 and Windows 98
After the Win95 or Win98 installations finishes, you are prompted to reboot the computer, and when the computer is rebooted, the installation process is automatically launched. Win95 and Win98 are installed from the CD-ROM or ISO file on the hard drive.
If you have opted to install the files over the Internet, you need to first download a file from the Microsoft Download Center.
Installing the libraries must be done before the installation of

System Requirements:

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows XP SP2 / Windows Vista
CPU: Intel Pentium II 700 MHz / AMD Athlon XP 2000 MHz
Memory: 256 MB RAM
Display: 1680×1050 resolution
DirectX: 9.0 compatible graphics card
DVD Read Only: Yes
Hard Drive: 5 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card
Hard Drive Space: 3 GB required
Additional Notes: this game will be patched to 1.0 in the coming days, and we