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In a V-type engine, the exhaust gas recirculation is effected to reduce the amount of the harmful NO.sub.x in the exhaust gas. The EGR is usually controlled by way of an EGR valve which is located in an EGR passage. Conventionally, an EGR control apparatus has been proposed, which is provided with a differential type pressure regulator and a pressure switch for detecting the differential pressure across the EGR valve, so as to control the operation of the EGR valve.
However, since the conventional EGR apparatus is arranged to control the EGR of the engine when the engine is in acceleration and deceleration, the engine may stall or may undergo engine hard braking due to the delayed response of the differential type pressure regulator, which may be caused by the icing of the differential pressure regulator and deterioration of the sensors, and also because the pressure switch is not opened upon the filling of the engine with the EGR gas when the engine is in operation.
On the other hand, since the conventional EGR control apparatus is arranged to cope with only two kinds of operation condition of the engine, i.e., the normal operation and the engine stall, a sufficient EGR ratio cannot be maintained when the engine is in deceleration, since the differential pressure across the EGR valve is not detected. Further, the pressure switch is not opened when the engine is in idling operation, whereby the EGR gas is merely subjected to a delayed exhaust so that there is a danger of undergoing the engine hard braking.
It is, therefore, a principal object of the invention to avoid the inconveniences of the conventional EGR control apparatus.

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Why should we use the word “role” instead of “role player” in the sentence, “Your role in deciding the outcome of the election for me is crucial”?

Because that role is crucial in deciding the outcome of the election for me.

I would like to know why we use the word role in place of role player in this sentence.


The OED gives no reason for “role” and “player” being used as synonyms and indicates that both words were used in the 18th century.
The common meaning of “role” is fairly broad, covering a wide range of meanings, including the more narrow idea of one’s “part in something” (see sense 1.2).

a person or thing that has a limited range or function in something.
‘it was his role as a judge in many investigations’

The broader sense is less likely to be used to say that one person or thing has an importance or significance in some situation:

a person or thing that is expected, or has the status, of performing a particular task.
‘the role of keeping order at meetings’
‘he was glad to be back at work but had no role as he was still a trainee’

[Effect of peritonitis and fluid resuscitation on hepatic vascular permeability].
In this study we investigated changes in liver vascular permeability in the rat following a continuous intraperitoneal infusion of warm Hartmann’s solution and following peritonitis induced by an intraperitoneal injection of serous fluid. In the first experiment, male Wistar rats were infused intraperitoneally with Hartmann’s solution containing 51Cr-EDTA for 2 or 12 hours. In the second experiment, a repeated injection of 5 ml of sterile concentrated pyrogen-free 0.9% NaCl was injected intraperitoneally. In both experiments, rats were killed 30 minutes after the end of the infusion. Liver samples were then taken for the determination of endothelial permeability (liver/blood ratio and tissue/blood ratio) and the determination of the extravascular distribution of 51Cr-EDTA. In both experiments a significant decrease in vascular permeability was detected 30 minutes after the end of the infusions. During the infusion of Hartmann’s solution there was a significant decrease in