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• a New Era For Strategy Games • Empires • Legions • Infantry and Cavalry • Combat and Strategy Rome represents one of the most defining eras in human history, characterised by unprecedented advances in science, engineering and governance. Defined by the very best minds of their time, these remarkable and gifted individuals brought humanity into the age of the empire. Rome is a historical grand strategy game that puts you in the leadership of one of these factions, as you strive for absolute power by winning the hearts and minds of your people, or crushing your enemies with overwhelming force. Your favourite achievements The only complaint we’ve ever heard is that they’re only now showing us what they’ve been doing all these years. In previous previews, we showed off a super-fast prototype with no graphics. We played some more when we showed it to you back in June. You’ve been begging for more, and here it is. Imperator: Rome THE GOSPEL Rome is built on a rich economic and technological foundation. These systems are all there to support the gameplay, and none of them take away from the beauty of the game. You can choose to upgrade and innovate like the great Roman emperors in history, but doing so also unlocks huge economic bonuses that will enable you to gain an early advantage. You can build a vast empire across the whole of the Italian peninsula, and through innovative technologies you can master the art of war, conquering your enemies and expanding your authority over the greatest political and military machines in the history of the world. THE BODY Rome takes place in the ancient Roman Empire, in a time of political turmoil. The Western Roman Empire has collapsed, and your opportunity to lead its successor in Rome presents itself. Dominate Rome Vast Rome is yours to do with as you wish. It’s your chance to make history in the name of Rome as she moved from republic to empire. There’s an all-new campaign featuring the rise of both the Imperial Roman Army and the God-Emperor himself. Here, you are presented with a greater challenge as you must find a way to unify Rome, and its legions must be forged into a force capable of defeating the greatest threat the empire has ever faced. You can choose your play style. Choose the more ‘traditional’ strategy of the Republic, or opt for the more militaristic style of the Empire. There’s more to come later, but Rome looks like it might be the definitive strategy


Civitatem Features Key:

  • 1 player playing a role defined by a role card
  • The loser of each round chooses and plays a role card
  • Three layers of music cues and sound effects help me stage 6 roleplays such as fighting, driving or negotiating with a shady character


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– Three character classes : Bodyguard, Gunslinger, and Mechanic – Six missions : four single player modes and two multi-player modes – Two styles of play : Classic and Hardmode – Three difficulty levels Key Features : – More than 30 immersive weapons, and 75 new characters – More than 80 new enemy types and weapons – More than 1 dozen exciting new weapons and items – Formidable ship battles – Exciting all-out battles – Complete 24 missions in the Classic mode to unlock the Hardmode versions – And two very different modes in Hardmode : Face the pain or let the pain die Story : – The survivors of the Heron are sent to a safer location, although things don’t go as well as expected – Onboard, the Heron sunk with all hands, after a great battle with the pirates. – The crew try to save the ship, but the pirates arrive and try to stop them – Some crew members decide to try to escape on the submarine, and one of the crew members shows up in a state that is not normal – The crew member, already mutilated, is discovered by the main character who feels very badly about it – The main character decides to rescue the man – The crew member, still mutilated, wakes up in his quarters – The crew member try to avoid the main character – After a lengthy discussion, the main character realizes that the crew member needs help. – The main character therefore brings him to a specialist where he tries to fix the burns… About the Game : Forts: High Seas is a horizontal shooter developed by N2X Software Inc. that puts you at the helm of the Heron, an unlucky ship crewed by the 7 survivors of the ship, which is sunk by a pirate ship after a fierce battle. The ship itself is a full sized replica of the ship of the same name, which sank on her maiden voyage in the early 19th century. Her wrecked stern still protrudes from the depth of the water while the bow rises from the surface. The game itself combines the style of the old games with modern interfaces and controls. The player will be able to control the ship with a controller or with a keyboard and mouse. Forts: High Seas will be available for PC, Mac and Linux for $19.99, on both retail and digital download platforms. Track List: 1: Out of the Sea – Composed by TanerK c9d1549cdd


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6 different locations / maps. 2 different vehicle types. 3 different cities. Different seasons. Different weather conditions. Different server settings. Different difficulty levels. Different scenarios. Different sounds. Different physics. Different driving mode. Realistic driving physics Realistic traffic models Realistic weather Realistic streets Realistic pedestrians Realistic graphics Realistic sounds Realistic buses / vehicles Conversion into real locations Driving simulator as a museum and much more… Singleplayer Mode: This game is purely for fun. Drive around, drive fast, enjoy the simulation. Driving scenarios: This game offers 10 exciting driving scenarios, each with different task. Tutorial: Basic knowledge is required in order to use this program. Multiplayer Gameplay: There are 2 different multiplayer modes, both with different settings, parameters and factions. LOTUS multiplayer: The whole city is in the hands of the players who make the rules. Radio control, drive what you like. Meet up at the meeting points and communicate by radio. Multiplayer Game (with control centre): This is a game of coordination. LOTUS multiplayer (with control centre): The game is started by the game leader and the other players need to coordinate with the control centre. Game lead: The game leader selects the driving vehicles. Control centre: The game leader can assign missions, set the course and view the whole game. Game leader: The game leader leads the game and is responsible for the connections and for the drivers and passengers. Control centre: The game leader can assign missions, set the course and view the whole game. Game leader: The game leader leads the game and is responsible for the connections and for the drivers and passengers. Control centre: The game leader can assign missions, set the course and view the whole game. Mission: The mission is set by the game leader and has to be completed by the players. The tasks are often on a time schedule. Multiplayer: At the start, every player selects a driving vehicle and can drive it around town. The available vehicles are: Buses: Trolleys: Trams: Trolleybuses: Streetcars: Trains: Trains-Trams: Scenic bus: Scenic train: Bus trolleymotor: Train t


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