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Copper is a useful point of sale software designed to ease transactions, product pricing, discounts and receipts printing, forming a well-rounded cash register system.
This software utility is compatible with touch screens and barcode scanners, which helps your employees be more efficient and prevent cashier errors. It enables adding multiple salespersons with different types of privileges (administrator or salespeople) and a large number of details, including first and last name, phone number, e-mail address and password.
The interface of the application is highly intuitive, thus enabling any type of user to easily find their way around it, no matter their previous experience with the IT world.
There is no limit to the number of items you can add to the program. An array of details can be input to a new product, such as the code, description, price, discount and tax. In addition to that, coupons can be added along with their expiration date and discount percentage. In case of mistakes, people can refund products.
There are multiple payment methods available, including cash, check and credit card. Receipts can be printed on either regular pages or paper rolls.
In order to increase efficiency, all the data stored can be backed up and restored, and reports pertaining to transactions, salespeople, items, taxes and payment methods can be saved in a PDF format, printed, e-mailed or faxed.
All in all, Copper is a complex and useful software utility that can help store managers and employees improve the checkout process and manage receipts, coupons, prices and payment methods. During our tests, there were no bugs or crashes recorded.







Copper 1.25 [Latest] 2022

Copper is a powerful POS system that provides a robust platform for those in business for a long time.
It has been created to work the best for small, medium and large businesses that want to improve sales efficiency, reduce costs and facilitate cash handling.
– Multi-vendor compatibility
– Shipment and product import
– Support of virtually any POS device
– Multiple salespersons
– Multiple payment methods
– Multiple currencies
– Cash
– Electronic (Cash)
– Check
– Debit
– Credit
– multiple currencies
– Coupons
– Discounts
– Business reports
– Custom reports
– One-time reports
– Mobile POS
– Display of a large amount of information in real time
– A quick and intuitive interface
– Email support and API
– Multiple stores and locations
– Expenses
– Locator capability
– Multiple sales people
– Multiple packages
– Barcodes
– Tablets
– Native device control
– Point of Sale (PoS)
– Scanning
– Basket integration
– High performance
– Fully functional demo
– High-resolution image of your store as an offline database
– Imports of product in 3D to display all the product features in 3D
– Customizable
– Full support of exporting data in csv format
– Full support of integrating with Big Commerce – Full integration with Big Commerce
– Full support for plugins
– No installation – Self-sufficient!
– Fully compliant
– Sales Professionals
– Point of Sale (PoS)
– Salesforce Integration
– Restful API
– Connects to CRM Platforms
– Mobile devices
– High-resolution
– Detailed installation
– Payments
– Storage of products in Big Commerce
– Integration with barcode scanner
– Backup
– Export data in csv format
– Data security
– Data backup
– Multiple customers
– Integrated tax & shipping
– Over 45 currencies
– Multiple languages
– Drag and drop interface
– Export reports to PDF
– Copy/Paste reports
– Multiple files per report
– Multi-store
– Support for Custom Fields
– For Store Owners
– Basket
– Custom Categories
– Custom Fieldtypes
– Support for printing of products & vouchers
– Large Data Base
– Email Support
– Large Data Base
– Restful API
– Large Data Base
– Export data in csv format
– Large Data Base

Copper 1.25 Crack+ With Keygen [Latest 2022]

– Designed and developed with the help of an electronics engineer
– Comprehensive functionality and extensive coverage
– Translate your data into the most suitable format, no matter the language
– Login and registration for one-time use, and auto-logon for daily use.
– Separate area for sensitive data (private and financial information)
– Supports 64-bit platforms
– No time limit for registration
– Easy password reset
– No advertising
– Bug-free
– Easy and sophisticated password protection
– Reset all your passwords and data
– Supports multi-signatures
– Prints receipts
– Supports check and cash payments
– Supports bar code and magnetic stripe payments
– Supports tax and retail pricing
– Supports checkout for multiple salespeople.
– Support for store type of Touch Technology
– Sign up for one-time use and auto login
– Supports all languages in the world
– Supports all Operating Systems
– 2 passwords change during registration and auto login
– Print Receipt in PDF format in one second
– Detailed Report with all transaction records
– Export Receipt to various file format
– Support for credit card and debit card payment
– Unlimited quantity of items
– Unlimited number of salespersons
– Unlimited number of coupons
– Unlimited number of stores
– Unlimited number of purchases
– Integrates with web store system
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Copper 1.25

Copper is an intuitive, convenient and easy-to-use point of sale software utility that saves time and allows you to focus on your store’s daily activities. With this software, you can add items, prices, taxes, discounts, coupons, etc.
Record your sales and salespeople.
• Add products, pricing and discounts, or create a new product.
• Edit specific details for each product.
• Review sales details.
• Set discounts and/or prices.
• Allow your salespeople to set the minimum and/or maximum quantity of a product.
• Create a product’s new “unique code” (or EAN, UPC or use other codes) and generate barcodes (and preview them).
• Save the product’s unique code, price, discounts and taxes.
• Print out sales receipts.
• Backup or restore data.
• Create reports or e-mails.
• Edit coupon settings.
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Default Quality is a really good product. As a manager it can be a little difficult finding a good web program. This program caught my eye, as it’s free. I love the ability to add products. To create a coupon, I hit the save button, and the ability to print coupons. My favorite feature of this product is the ability to create a coupon for a product, then create a receipt. It’s a great feature.

I really like this program. Easy to use.

It’s a great program and the only glitch I found was the help file was very difficult to download and use. So if you decide to download it or use the help file, download it with something like Internet download manager.

Didn’t work. Bought the program, but only paid for it in part, went back to the store and purchased the rest, ran the trial and the program fails and says it has expired, won’t let me proceed, I’ve tried everything, software, internet browser, etc. Don’t know what to do with it.

The software doesn’t work. I downloaded

What’s New In Copper?

Product SelectionThe most complete and easy-to-use cash register software available. Featuring an intuitive, seamless user interface and a myriad of useful features.
Store manager information, including Administrator (admin) and Sales Person (sales) privileges, is also included. No need to run the risk of losing your data each time you have to reinstall the software. All of your information is backed up. Also, Product Administration allows you to add/delete up to 50 products.
You can categorize products as regular or exclusive items. You can make multiple currencies. You can add different taxes, discounts and coupon codes on a per-product basis.
Your Cash Register can also print receipts and reminder notices.

Barcode Scanning and Touch Screen Compatibility:

Barcode scanner software works with the same barcode scanners that store managers are familiar with. Simply scan the barcode of any product, using your barcode scanner and the software will automatically extract the needed information.
You can add barcodes to products and maintain their information, change the barcode format and include new data. Moreover, you can delete existing barcodes, and the software will automatically update your store with the latest records.
Although the software does not offer touch screen compatibility, it has the ability to recognize the symbols of most touch screen devices, such as the Palm series, and print receipts accordingly.

Backing Up and Restoring Your Data:

All of your data is backed up automatically and never lost. The settings can be restored at any time, you can backup and restore all data or your specific user settings. Your Salesperson and Administrator data is also backed up separately.
Full backup and restore ability allows you to quickly and easily recover from any mistakes.

PDF Support:

All of the report and summary data stored in the database are available in a PDF format. You can easily print it or e-mail it.

Product Catalog:

The catalog provides a multilevel form of sales promotion.
With your product catalog, you can sell product at a lower price, extend the expiration date of a coupon, prevent the use of one coupon code to another and make other more customized options.
You can add multiple products to your database, including the code, description, price, discount and tax. In case of mistakes, people can refund products.

Easy of Data Updates:

Product price, discount, tax and coupon details are regularly updated in real-time.

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Dual Core CPU
Memory: 2GB RAM
Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 5770 or better, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or better, Intel HD Graphics 4000 or better, or equivalent
Storage: 500 MB available space
Additional Notes: Compatible with Windows 10 Anniversary Update (1607)
Processor: Quad Core CPU
Memory: 4GB RAM
Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6870 or