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Name Elden Ring
Publisher Administrator
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Rating 4.81 / 5 ( 5348 votes )
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LANCASTER -With mixed reactions from both the western and Japanese world- was released onto the field yesterday. If you missed out on the game at launch, then your opportunity to fight for victory over the massive lizard has arrived!
What is the Lancasaurus?
The Lancasaurus is a massive lizard that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. It is so huge that not even the most powerful weapons can destroy it. The only way to kill it is by equipping a special weapon.
New features added to the game

1. New Weapon System Added

The graphical design and play style of this game is similar to the Steel Ball Run and Thunder Attack. To attack your opponents more efficiently and at an increased frequency, the number of weapon types and stats that can be equipped on each character has been expanded. There are a total of 36 weapons.
2. New Special Weapon Added

Players are able to equip special weapons as their weapons. The special weapons can not be used by other characters. These special weapons can be used to travel great distances at high speeds.
3. New Characters Added

Additional two new characters are added. These new characters also possess new special skills.
4. New Attachment System Added

The attachment system has been added to this game. Attachments can be equipped on weapons. These attachments can be equipped on weapons of your choice.
5. New Server Added

The newly added server had begun accepting players. The players who have already invested in the game will continue to be supported through updates such as the addition of new weapons.
6. New Characters Available

If your password contains “14”, then you can unlock 14 new characters.
1) Note: Players who activate their code during the registration period are limited in the number of characters they receive.
2) Players who activate their code after the registration period has started can also unlock the new characters.
3) Players who activate their code before the server starts will not be able to complete the activation on the server.
4) Players may only unlock one code per day.

*L.C. uses payment methods including, but not limited to, credit cards, bank transfers, and PayPal. Information about your credit card, bank account, and credit history will be provided to L.C. We will not share your personal information with any third party. and the
second ranked opposing team will


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A great story…
  • 765 unique items, 765 pieces of equipment
  • Levelling up with the 5 chosen soul types
  • Updates and Orbs
  • 5 Soul Types:

    • ? Energy: A young adept who possesses a fighting spirit and high ambitions.
    • ⚓️ Labor: A lone warrior who dreams of leading a flawless war.
    • ✏️ Wisdom: An elderly wise man who is an expert on history and ancient languages.
    • ✊️ Magic: An arcane expert with numerous spells
    • ? Blood: A cunning Rogue.

    Offline operation features:

    • Chat functionality is disabled offline, with no worries of other parties stumbling across unsavory conversations.
    • No server downtime, even in case of a mishap.
    • Only optional voice chat can be used.

    What game are you most excited for players to play?:

    • Elden Ring

    Where can we find your new game?:

    • Elden Gate
    • www.londatamizuki.co.jp/games/eli/

    Full-Length Video Trailer

    What devices are you using the game on?:

    • PC, iOS, Android

    What are your plans for the future?:

    • We plan to release the first full version of Elden Ring in the near future.
    • We plan to add additional items/equipment as well as story


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      —DO NOT:

      ▼Post pictures of your character’s alt-text.

      ▼Make a game where you can get help from other players.

      ▼Be a “spite” to other players.

      ▼Sell a lot of items and immediately deposit the money.

      ▼Sell or buy items in parallel with other players.

      ▼Sell or buy items without ascertaining whether other players would accept.

      — /——————————————————————————————- —//———————————

      —/—– START OF THE OVERVIEW —–\/—

      —/——————————————————————————————- —//———————————

      — Background Information —

      (The following information is exclusive for your reference. We hope you enjoy it.)

      ■ Character Name


      ■ Age

      At 18

      ■ Gender


      ■ Appearance

      Alt: Seiryuu (Golden Knight)


      “Currently wearing the costume of a Golden Knight.”

      ■ Appearance

      Alt: Sonja (Water Dragon)


      “Currently wearing the costume of a Water Dragon.”

      ■ Appearance

      Alt: Phelan (Seal Beast)


      “Currently wearing the costume of a Seal Beast.”

      ■ Appearance

      Alt: Lespa (Lizard)


      “Currently wearing the costume of a Lizard.”

      ■ Appearance

      Alt: Evi (Dragon Slave)


      “Currently wearing the costume of a Dragon Slave.”

      ■ Appearance

      Alt: Jabber


      “Currently wearing the costume of an ET.”

      ■ Appearance

      Alt: Vivian


      “Currently wearing the costume of a Daeva.”

      ■ Appearance

      Alt: Yumemisu


      “Currently wearing the costume of a Fairy.”

      ■ Appearance

      Alt: Megyn (Circle Plant)


      “Currently wearing the costume of a Circle Plant.”

      ■ Appearance

      Alt: Florrie


      “Currently wearing the costume of an Earthling.”

      ■ Appearance

      Alt: Io



      Elden Ring Free Download (Final 2022)

      ・Formidable Combat System that Boasts the Possibilities of a Fable
      Conquer the enemy using a variety of combinations and develop your action styles through a variety of different attacks.
      ・Two Unique Single Player Stories for Enriched Play
      Two stories unfold with dual variations. Discover their differences in the Lands Between.
      ・The Legend of Nightmare, a Multilayered Story that Plays out in Pieces, Naturally Connects with You and Others
      Discover the story of a Tarnished Hero’s past life, as well as the story of a girl who wonders about her past and her past self, as it unfolds in segments, naturally connected with you and others.
      ・Open Field and Dungeon Design: Maintain both Complementary and Innovative Open-Field Systems
      Challenge yourself by relishing the beauty of traveling through fields and exploring dungeons.
      ・Fight in an Epic Battle Scene that Boasts a Distinctive Look
      Fight in battles that have a distinct look and feel as you use your action skills to do battle with countless enemy soldiers, vile beasts, and gigantic monsters.
      ・Possibilities for Epic Action Settings with a Unique Combination of Magic and Physical Strength
      You are capable of unleashing a variety of action skills while improving your physical strength.
      ・Enjoy a Unique Attachment to Your Equipment
      Equip and customize a wide variety of weapons and items that you have looted. Enjoy the setting in which you have accumulated your equipment.
      An epic and multilayered story about a Tarnished Hero…
      There is a hero of the eternal struggle. He roams the Lands Between, charging ahead in a valiant fashion. His companions take their leave as he heads for the goal of his quest. The tone of his heroic efforts changes as he encounters different people and is guided by his own thoughts and his encounters with other characters. He gathers what he can to re-begin his life.
      In the day that he comes to, he finds a girl.
      The girl trembles, and what she says and does while asking him her questions causes him to ponder. He thinks that it is her voice. He at first mistakes her for one of his companions. In the end he finds that she is indeed his younger self, and she is crying, as is her older self.
      There are whispers that there is a world like no other.
      There is a figure the size of a star in the night sky.
      Walking through some grass and at a certain place—


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      Developed by indie game developer Kenshi Corporation.
      Direct development of Kenshi Corporation.
      Produced by Mazur Interactive.
      Phantasy Star Online 2.
      Genesys Games.

      Notes regarding "Genesys Games"

      The original game was published by Sidam Co., Ltd. entitled "Phantasy Star Online" under the "PRIMA" trademark.

      The 2nd version of the game, "Phantasy Star Online 2," is a joint production of Sidam and Namco Bandai Games Company, Ltd. and has been independently developed by Namco Bandai Games.

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      elden ring is a mythical and powerful ring that can imbue the wearer with an almost supernaturally superior strength. It can also grant them access to the plane of the “Elden Ring”, a realm formed by those who wielded the ring in the distant past, and the creation of the world that exists in the main storyline.

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      The first game to take advantage of the newly created engine from Square-Enix’s Final Fantasy XIII “Remix” project. The computer graphic engine development was done by Zeboyd, the same company which developed the original Sq-Enix engine (and games) for XVIIIth century Japan.
      The game’s graphics are close to the Final Fantasy XIII scene (that is, the graphic quality), and the environment is also very nice.
      The game features full voice acting, with over 500 lines of dialogue in dialogue-rich areas and in cutscenes.
      It has several novella-length original stories that will be released for free in future updates.

      “Elder Scrolls Online” is in full release. This is the largest free to play MMORPG of all time. Play any class you desire, level up to level 50 (more classes are coming), interact with millions of other players and explore a massive world, with tons of side quests to do, dungeons to run, groups to join, and major PvP events to go on. All of this is contained in one mammoth world where everything you do affects the game play


      How To Crack:

    • Download the game from the link provided in the article.
    • Open the.zip file and inside it, there will be another.zip file.
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    • Once installed, you can begin playing immediately without further configuration or installation.

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    Mature. Complete.
    Tower of Eternity joins the T3 battle royale with the arrival of a new hero and two new legendary warriors—all part of an unlockable storyline that deepens the Elden Ring – just in time to save a young man from falling victim to the Elden King’s (the Chosen’s brother) diabolical machinations.
    The game’s campaign offers a different gaming experience each time you play. Random dungeon generation means that every time you play the game you will encounter new monsters, items, traps, and special on-screen visuals.

    Legendary features are crammed into this one exciting encounter.
    Daily Quests. Daily Quests feature an ever-changing variety of quests from a variety of difficult levels to the simple and easy-going.
    New Moves and Builds. New and updated moves and battles. You don’t have to start over. Your moves will never fall before your opponent’s.
    New Skins. New hero skins, which will change as you progress through the game. Four stages of Chaos Skins and four stages of Destruction Skins (one Destruction Skin per Collection) to unlock.
    New Collection. Three new Collections to unlock, featuring new Heroes: the power of the world’s elements, the charm of the sun and the grace of the moon, and the immortal power of immeasurable time. The third collection, the Elden Ring Collection, will be unlocked as you complete the New Moves and Builds.
    Save Game. You can save the game.
    Informed Movement. Hexa-directional movement. Hexagon movement. No movement



    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows 7, 8.1, and 10
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent
    Processor: Intel Core i3, i5, i7 or equivalent
    64-bit compatible processor or 64-bit compatible processor with SSE4.1, SSE4.2, SSE4.3, or SSE4.1, SSSE3 or AMD64 architecture
    RAM: 2 GB


    Name Elden Ring
    Publisher Administrator
    Format File
    Rating 4.81 / 5 ( 5348 votes )
    Update (11 days ago)


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