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* Free
* Get screenshots automatically, with Hotkey support
* Transparent panel allows you to view all your active windows
* Save images to the clipboard or save images to any directory
* Configure the sizes of the region for capture
* Free from conflicts with screen-recording programs
* Has fully customizable tooltips
* Fixed hotkeys
* Has 2 modes to capture specific regions
* Has more than 1000 customizable hotkeys
* Has a tray icon to go with hotkeys and save images to clipboard
* Mute sounds during screenshot
* Transparent background
* Auto-configure during start (Delay off)
System Requirements:
* 2.0 GHz Dual-Core CPU
* 1 GB RAM
*.NET Framework 4.0
* Vista or laterQ:

How to delete files in a tar archive on Mac OS X?

I have a tar archive full of files, both in /tmp and elsewhere. I want to delete all the files in the archive. How can I do this on Mac OS X?


tar -xf file_tar.tar
rm -rf *

$ touch a b c d e
$ tar -cf file_tar.tar a b c d e
$ rm -rf file_tar.tar
$ tar -xf file_tar.tar
$ for x in `ls file_tar.tar`; do rm -rf $x; done


You can use
tar -xvf archive.tar

to extract the files from the archive (the -xvf option is optional)
You can then go through the list of files with ls and delete each one with rm, using -f for the rm command to delete the files.
From the manual for rm:

-f, –force
don’t check to see if files are newer than their
replacement, force removal of old versions.


You can use xargs and rm:
xargs rm -rf *

The xargs utility passes a list of files into a command, causing it to execute the specified command once for each file in the argument list.
See the man page for more details.

Probably my

GabScreenshot Crack Activator

Save screenshots in any of the usual formats (PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, ICO, TIFF, WMF, EMF)
Capture full-screen or a desired portion of the screen
No images are saved by default. You can save them to a custom location with a custom name by clicking the “Save to…” menu item.
Ability to configure the image format and compression settings for each of the image files.
You can set the screenshot filename by providing a custom prefix.
Capabilities to mask the cursor, hide the keyboard shortcuts, specify a customizable opacity level and use hotkeys.
Supports Windows 8.1 notification area and tray icon, plus hotkey support.
Can customize the opacity level for the screen capture, as well as change the screen capture region color.
It is system-independent, it does not require a setup.
Supports taskbar, tray, and system tray.
Supports USB flash drive, as well as desktop screenshots.
Supports system overlay on ActiveWindow, ActiveControl, ActiveDocument, ActiveForm, ActivePresentation, ActiveSheet and ActiveWorkbook windows.
Supports all screen resolutions: 1920×1080, 1280×720, 640×480 and 320×240.
Can capture the screen from any API window, including Windows API, GDI+, User32, DialogBox, HostWindow, Kernel32, GdiPlus, and any other custom desktop window.
Supports the Windows 8.1 notification area, as well as the Unity top panel and the Unity desktop.
Supports area, border and opacity mask for the capture region
Download GabScreenshot Crack Mac
GabScreenshot is a free shareware, registered program released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) license. It is available for free download on the author’s website, or you can purchase a full licensed version for a very modest price. However, some sites have bundled the program with a free trial version, and offer a seven-day demo for a limited time. Read the full changelog for GabScreenshot on the author’s website.

GabScreenshot: A Windows Screen Capture Utility with Advanced Features

Description:GabScreenshot allows you to capture any part of the screen in eight different capture modes and save the resulting image file in the popular image format, as well as in one or more other image formats.
The program works in a very clean way and is very easy to use, regardless of your skill level. GabScreenshot has a

GabScreenshot Crack + Free License Key

Capture, save, print, manage, view and share screenshots in seconds. GabScreenshot enables you to browse through multiple capture modes, pick the area or the window to capture, set the various display properties, set print options and even associate keyboard shortcuts.
Key features:
• Capture any window or entire desktop, select a region or a single window
• Select any display mode you want, including full screen, custom region, or window selected
• Choose to print, export to file, save as web image or send to instant messenger
• Set the preview mode before taking a capture
• Choose any file format to save the capture, including.JPG,.PNG,.GIF,.BMP,.ICON,.WMF,.EMF
• Use Print Screen key as the secondary shortcut (Hotkey feature)
• Enable the notification tray icon to get keyboard shortcuts with keystrokes
• Hotkey support to capture screen or active window (for the active window, use Shift+Print Screen)
• Mouse speed: view or capture (for the active window, use Alt+Print Screen)
• Opacity level of preview for the active window (turn off by Shift+Alt+Print Screen)
• Display size for the active window (for the active window, use Shift+Alt+Print Screen)
• Customize the filename prefix (with numeric padding length) for captured images
• Display the currently width and height of the region or window
• Preview of the current area is shown as the tooltip
• Settings panel to customize the image capture
• Hotkey support to save image or find existing files
• No program install required, except.NET Framework

Send Image by Email

If you want to share screenshots with your friends and family, Send Image By Email
can help you save time and effort.
With its user-friendly interface, Send Image By Email
can easily be run on any system. It lets you send all the images captured by itself to your email
accounts, then open them on your mobile device.
Supported email clients
— Microsoft Live/
— Outlook 2011/12/13/15
— Thunderbird
— Gmail
— Yahoo! Mail
— Outlook Express
— China Mail
— Hotmail
— Mail
— Yandex.Mail
Supported operating systems
— Windows 8, 8.1, 10
— Linux (Ubuntu/Debian/Fedora

What’s New In?

Save images from screen regardless of the application window or desktop wallpaper, and save each image as a new PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, ICO, TIFF, WMF, EMF, or PDF file.
Have more value with Extensions:
The application has default default profile, which is great for beginners, but have ability to customize by selecting any desired profile. In case you need, there are many custom profiles with different behavior at the same time.
The second feature that makes it more valuable is the ability to have and use multiple profiles for each application. In case if you need, you can capture images from different profile which will be created for the same application. For example, you can capture screen from profile A for all windows applications and capture screen from profile B for browser and other programs that you don’t want to capture.
No Setup:
Yes, you don’t need setup. Just download and save the application in your desktop. After download, you can easily run, uninstall or transfer the application.
Built-in capture capabilities with easy options:
You can easily create screenshot from your active window, any active program or any menu or toolbar item in any applications. You can capture the screenshot from full screen, active window, active screen, active region and specific option, which makes it more useful. For instance, capture screen from the next window when you alt-tab to your browser.
Icon-based interface for ease of use:
The interface is highly configurable and you can easily customize the preferences. You can easily change the following parameters:
• Select the desired image format when saving the images (PNG, JPG, BMP, ICO, TIFF, WMF, EMF, PDF).
• Set the destination folder for the saved images (no folder, desktop or network path).
• Define the filename prefix and numeric padding length of the files to be created.
• Configure the opacity level of the images during capture.
• Have image preview during the region capture process.
• Remember all the custom preferences when you reboot your computer.
No new entries in the registry:
Nothing to worry. GabScreenshot don’t generate any new entries in the registry.
Other features include:
• PC-only and portable version
• Unicode support
• Run directly from USB flash disk
• Configuration support
• Additional information in the help file
• Option to return to original format and position after capture
• Option to cancel a running capture

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 SP1, 8, 10 (64 bit)
Memory: 3 GB RAM
Processor: 2.8 GHz Dual Core Intel or AMD
Graphics: DirectX 9 Compatible graphics card with 1 GB dedicated video memory (minimum)
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9 Compatible graphics card with 1شوبز/