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Original Story Concept, Commission and Management: K1s RTS Production of the game: K1s RTS Caring and supportive art direction: Bianca G Characters and designs: Bianca G, Alex R, M.P. Caron Devices, Backend and Frontend Programming: Alex R, M.P. Caron UI and UX Designer: Roxy Gameplay Flow and Level Design: Roxy Art Director and Sound Director: K1s RTS Sound Engineer: Dogan Çetin Composer: Melih Küskü Producer: M.P. Caron Executive Producer: K1s RTS Developer: K1s RTS The mountain mind virtual reality experience is a transformative experience in VR that allows you to step into the head of a virtual world while rocking out to an extreme underground music. Explore this surreal virtual world which takes you on an epic adventure with a group of lovable and eccentric friends whose connection is made by a shared love for music and stoner rock. Your journey will start at the entrance of the Mountain of Mind as a level one Rocker. Comprised of 3 completely different interconnected worlds in depth with an overall progression system based on your level progress that will be significantly featured throughout your journey. Enjoy the experience of VR for FREE in July with all the achievements unlocked in Mountain Mind VR, the Stoner VR Experience! Mountain Mind is a virtual reality experience ready for exploration and headbanging. Enjoy the freedom of cross-play, a playable VR experience in both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The VR Headset, interface, and controls are courtesy of the Pimax 8K / Go A8. Comfort will be at the forefront, the headphones and adapter are sturdy and fit well, they are machine washable. They are sweat proof, and they fit your head very well. The Pimax 8K is a great VR headset and we recommend this headset or the high-fidelity headset Oculus Rift S for enjoying this VR experience. The experience will be seamlessly ported to Steam and Oculus Home, once the VR Headset, the Steam and Oculus Home versions are available and ready for sale, you will be able to play Mountain Mind in VR in both locations. About the Author: Melih Küskü, is an original composer born in Germany in 1989, He has been part of the European underground stoner rock scene for a


Mountain Mind EP Features Key:

  • Dynamical music created by means of environmental sounds. The use of three musical patterns (dominant/subdominant, an harmonic dissonant version, with triplets) are proposed to set your music-mood.
  • 5 songs performed by Guillaume Bilodeau (a professional Swiss musician).
    • À travers la forêt : Guillaume Bilodeau improvise on this music and tell a tale of the forest, its animals and its inhabitants.
    • Le crâne campagnard : Guillaume Bilodeau improvise on this music at the threshing and tell a story of humans who would like some happiness and money
    • Le vêpées de la Saint-Hilaire : Guillaume Bilodeau improvise on this music while being attacked by horses at the threshing and tell the story of a man who was stabbed by a woman who wanted to steal his money.
    • Le Chasseur de chevaux : Guillaume Bilodeau improvise on this music and chase the keys in order to close the gates of the animals.
    • La femme qui n’a pas d’yeux : Guillaume Bilodeau improvise on this music with the enthousiastic roots of nature and tell a story of a woman who never had any eyes, who was running away from her husband, her house and her date.
  • System requirements

    Mounatin Mind is designed for all computers.


    • Processor : Pentium IV, i486 or better;
    • 2 Gb of RAM;
    • DirectX 9.0c compatible;
    • Windows 9.0 (sp2) or later.

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    Mountain Mind – VR Headbanging title features an epic journey through psychedelic lands. An immersive, sandbox experience that transports the player into a psychedelic world where they will experience the world and the music in a way that has never been possible before. The player feels as if they have lost their mind, and their body has taken control of them, moving it and exploring the psychedelic landscapes with a mind of its own. Play Mountain Mind for free right now at About VR Title: VR Title is the next step in VR exploration and the only Virtual Reality Experience Platform that enables developers to create unique and immersive Virtual Reality Experiences that are accessible on all major VR Platforms (Steam, Oculus, Samsung). The VR Title SDK’s and tools allows for the development of interactive VR experiences, full game worlds, interactive and dynamic environments, that can be adapted for use with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, in the same way that Unity C# Game Engine can be used in both Oculus and HTC Vive worlds. VR Title is available on all major VR Platforms.Ask HN: What tech resources did you find most useful in 2019? – Xehanort ====== swlkr I found the following were very helpful for my personal development this year: * Git commands: a lot of `git` commands I was never able to remember: `git-add`, `git-commit`, `git-diff`, `git-gc`, `git-log`, `git-ls-files`, `git-rebase`, `git-rev-list`, `git-reset`, `git-tag`… * Emacs: why did this take me this long to discover? * Clojure: I’m not a huge fan of [1], but I like the idea of having some Clojure around (I found [2] useful too). * Basic C: Macros, enums, structs, types, etc. * An Introduction to Programming: I recently finished the first part of this book. As a non-developer I’m finding it very helpful. * Go: both a great programming language and a great book. And there’s a new book coming out. * Docker: I just started using docker and am very impressed. It’s fast, easy to use and great for deploying containers. * AWS: I also just started using it, it’s an awesome web service. * Google Cloud: same as AWS, I d41b202975


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    The game Mountain Mind is designed like a visual novel, with a soundtrack and a story.It’s an experience where the player is the character. He must make choices along the way, but the story will depend on what the player does. Mountain Mind game will take about 1 hour to play. (Subject to change)Tracklist of Mountain Mind EP: 1. Intro (02:14)2. Asteroid Blues (03:49)3. Xardoz (03:45)4. Like Tears In Rain (03:41)5. Palm Desert ’87 (02:39)6. Goddess Of Time (06:29)7. Sunset Of Valley (01:01)Available now for purchase at the following digital distribution platforms:Bandcamppowervrstore.comQ: How to take a number in bytes and save it to a char array using atoi()? How to take a number in bytes and save it to a char array using atoi()? Example: int i = 1123020102; char* p = new char[i]; A: Try this (note the size of the array defined at the end): char* p = new char[i/2]; int j = i – i/2*2; std::memcpy(p, &i, j); And that’s a basic way of “safely” handling i: size_t s = i / sizeof(int); char* p = new char[s]; std::memcpy(p, &i, s); An alternative is to use a bit-by-bit copy: char* p = new char[i]; for(size_t j = 0; j > j; p[j] = (x!= 0)? 1:0; } /* Copyright (C) 2001-2006, William Joseph. All Rights Reserved. This file is part of GtkRadiant. GtkRadiant is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. GtkRadiant is distributed in the


    What’s new:

    “, “American Truck Bully” and “Mini-Skirt River”) “We’re a tribal warriors” Ferrero earlier in the year referred to the new album title, which will be out on August 19, as being “a nod to the worst parts of the West”. “We’re a band that pays homage to the old school, but we’re a brand new world too and we’re a tribe of warriors,” explains Conley. “We came from a place in Charleston. We were influenced by the northwest punk scene and by our mates from the UK, and we wanted to do a record that embodied where we came from, where we are now and where we’re going to go to.” Said Conley: “American Truck Bully was the spine that runs the album and it’s a great opening track, a great entrance piece.” He adds: “We’re all proud of it and I think the other 2 are great entries too, particularly Mountain Mind EP – it’s a song that we’re very proud of and that embodies the era of our lives when we first started playing, so we’re all pleased with it.” ADVERTISEMENT When we caught up with the band in Boston last week, they confirmed the album title was indeed an ode to the beauty of the American wild west. “It’s a nod to that,” says Conley, “including the cowboy, the cowboy hat, the western star and those aspects. We talked about the pioneer spirit we were about to walk into and the old west was a bit of a mythical place that we could move into.” “With this, we had the luxury of our old band and playing music together,” says Conley. “We wanted to make the album much more of a personal record. We’d had a lot of people telling us that they’d have no idea where ‘we’ were coming from. In writing this album, we got to get somewhere more personal, stripped down and raw… so we hope people see where ‘we’ are now.”NORMAL, OK (KSWO) – All of the over 22 inch snowfalls that have hit Oklahoma over the past three weeks were well above normal. The only exception was the storm that did not deliver a single flake on Oct. 8, and left the beaches as bright as ever. A 55 inch snow fall, that means just under


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    • Enjoy Game Mountain Mind EP

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    • Windows XP/Vista/7/8


    System Requirements For Mountain Mind EP:

    1,000 Health 15 seconds per second 120% movement speed 100% Player XP Gain 10% Luck Gain 2 Items per level 10 level cap Icons on your UI Taunt/Angry/Horn MP Max 1000 MP Regen 100/Second Minimap in chat bubbles 1 per FFA Slot Tips & Tricks: Kill a lot of elites, they have a very low hitbox that can help Active the Path of


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