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Mystery Case Files (MCF) is a mystery themed adventure game developed by Big Fish Games for Microsoft Windows and later ports for Mac OS X and Linux. The game was released on 20 August 2007. Mystery Case Files 2 – Gertrude’s Paradise

Mystery Case Files is a series of point-and-click (P’n’C) adventure games. You take on the role of Master Detective as you get in the middle of a series of murders in a small town. The game has a range of different puzzles and is point-and-click. The games have one to five characters to interact with.

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mystery case files has become one of the best hidden object games around. players are able to spend hours searching for all of the items hidden throughout the game and it’s a must have for hidden object lovers.
atheneum interactive is a small, private, american video game developer based in redwood city, california. they originally were developing educational software for the bbc before they decided to develop hidden object games and before that they developed various hidden object games. in 2004 they started focusing on the hidden object genre with a halloweentown nightmare which later became the first in a series of games they produced called the mystery case files game series. this series and their other works has been considered the best hidden object video games.
the first case files game was murder case files: hidden object and when people find out that you can play as a male or female detective they are often confused. if you are a male detective you are dressed like a typical victorian detective with a very similar name. if you are a female detective you are dressed like the female detectives from the 1920s who fought in the war against the pirates and were killed in the late 1800s. you find both in the game.
the case games are best known for their story line. they tell a mystery type story and usually take place in an historic or mythic type setting. you are usually a detective and at the beginning of the game you get to pick your character’s gender and character’s name. the case files games have been a success because you play as a detective instead of a slave and there is a short story to follow. most of the games have an ending, but there are some that can take up to a few hours to play depending on the number of hidden objects, if there are more hidden items to find than usual. i like the mystery of it all.

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