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The following tutorials will give you a good start to learning Photoshop without spending a lot of time in the learning curve.

1. Begin with a T-Shirt Design

T-Shirt Design in Photoshop CS5 by DeviantArt ( ) shows you how to begin the design and also gives you some tips and tricks on how to start the design of your own shirt. The image could be used as a promotional material for your own business or for your band.

This tutorial begins by sketching the t-shirt design and moving it onto the canvas. The t-shirt is then divided into layers to begin the design work on the fabrics and the logo.

You can then add a gradient background to the canvas and tweak it, change colors, and add some art or photos to enhance the design. The same design can also be used with the same tutorial, step by step, to design a different logo.

There are also some excellent tutorials that provide tips on how to use Photoshop for T-Shirt design.

2. Begin with a Logo

Hover over the logo tutorials on DeviantArt ( ) for a wide range of creative ideas on the design of your t-shirt.

The site provides a great number of tutorials to get you started with your own design ideas or to edit the designs of other t-shirt designers.

3. Begin with a Vector

Adobe Illustrator is an excellent program for creating vector graphics. Many design firms are beginning to use this program to create artwork.

Adobe Illustrator has a tutorial that explains how to begin with a vector illustration ( ) or with any vector-based graphics ( ) in Adobe Illustrator. The tutorials show you how to download a free Adobe Illustrator template and then begin designing your logo on a vector.

4. Begin with Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash has long been used to create movies but now

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In this article, we will tell you how to use and what are the tools and applications in Adobe Photoshop.

What Is Photoshop Elements?

Photoshop Elements is a feature-complete photo editing and web design program. It can be downloaded in a free trial form or you can buy it online at the official website for $49.

This product can also be downloaded via 3rd party applications like iTunes and Google Play. It can be used for creating and editing images, web design, design themes, cards, and much more.

You can also use a third-party software Photoshop Elements, but our applications are created only for Adobe Photoshop. In other words, you need to have a license of Photoshop Elements to use our Photoshop alternatives.

Features & Applications

Pixel Lab

Pixel Lab is a feature which allows you to apply realistic effects like Lens blur, Vignetting, and Lens flare on images.

Eye Dropper

Eye Dropper is a feature used for selecting an object which is required to be edited. This feature allows you to select and copy the desired objects.


Selections is a feature used to copy and duplicate the desired objects.

Layer Panel

Layer panel is a feature which is used to view, edit and replace the layers and merge them into one object. This feature has three tabs including:

Layer Properties

Layer Mask


Layer Properties

You will find tools like, Opacity, visibility, Color, Saturation and other tools inside this tab.

Layer Mask

You will find tools like, Opacity, visibility, Color, Saturation and other tools inside this tab. You can simply convert a layer into a mask and modify the mask by hiding or hiding the text boxes.


Adjustment is a feature where you can select any color and adjust its contrast, brightness and other. There is a toolbox inside the adjustment panel. You can find tools like.

Effects & Tools

Effects & Tools feature has its own toolbox where you can find custom effects and tools. The tool box contains the following features:


Pixelate is a feature which allows you to make your image pixelate, pixel fall, and pixel sharpen.

Use Tools

This feature allows you to use image adjustments, filters and other tools. The tools include Gradient Tool, Gradient Map Tool, Rectangle

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What’s New In?

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