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Two of the most important methods for learning how to use Photoshop are trial and error and keeping track of your work. Once you get used to working with a program, you’ll have no problem mastering it in no time. You can also practice to become a master by using a different technique on a new image.

Editing with Photoshop

Photoshop supports layer-based editing because it’s a raster image program. This approach enables you to manipulate pixels — each one a tiny square that is either white or black. These pixels form your photo or image — a collage of dots.

Although a photo is a raster image, it usually contains only one kind of pixel. A color photo might have red, blue, and green pixels (RGB), for example, while a black-and-white photo might have red, green, and blue pixels (RGB) or just a black pixel (B, for black and white). Photoshop offers all of these variations.

The layers in a Photoshop file are like a stack of paper that covers the computer screen. Each layer represents a specific type of information. For instance, the background layer represents the original image. For more on layer types, see “Understanding layers,” later in this chapter.

Photoshop offers a transparent layer to avoid any background pixels when working on a new layer. Any changes or changes to one layer are simply merged with any others on that same layer. The new layer is created atop the original layer (covered by a transparent space) and becomes active. All of the previous layers become inactive.

When working with a transparent layer, the earlier the changes you make to the new layer, the earlier you can see the result.

The Photoshop file allows you to “flatten” the layers so that they become transparent by moving them down the layers panel, as shown in Figure 2-1. However, this action can cause havoc, so you’ll want to flatten your layers only when the image is clearly finished.

**Figure 2-1:** You can flatten the layers by clicking them in the layers panel.

To put your image into a state of flat layers, you should do so after working with the image’s layers and then flatten them.

Separating layers

You can move, scale, rotate, or transform (warp) each layer in your image to make it easier to work with. The various combinations of layer styles are shown in Figure 2-2.

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In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to use the Pen tool and the Brush tool to create a simple animation.

Learn Photoshop to add an animation

1. Create an animation

Let’s begin by creating a simple animation. Download the file below and open it in Photoshop.

2. Set up your artboard

Make sure that you have a 2,500 x 2,500 pixel artboard selected. You can do this by either clicking the Artboard option on the artboard toolbar or pressing ALT+T.

3. Add a new layer

Click on the New Layer icon at the bottom of your working file. Use the Rectangular marquee tool to add a 1,500 x 2,000 pixel rectangle to the top of your artboard. Set its color to #FE8010.

4. Select the rectangle

Click on the rectangle icon on the top of the layer in the layers palette. Hold down the shift key and click again to select the rectangle. Use the color picker to change the color to #F8517 and press the D key.

5. Select the Pen tool

Hold down the shift key and double-click on the Pen tool icon in the toolbox. This will open the Options bar with the Pen tool settings highlighted. On the Tool Options tab, set the following values:

Pen Width: 1.45

Tolerance: 1.5

Thickness: Smooth

Pen Center: Set to 0%

Hair Color: White

Hair Thickness: 1

The Pen tool settings can be adjusted in the Tool Options section of the Options bar

6. Select the freehand tool

Click on the Freehand icon on the Tool Options bar. This will open the Freehand Settings window.

On the Freehand Settings tab, set:

Freehand Width: 1.45

Brush Pressure: 12.5

Brush Pressure: F11

Drag Pressure: 12.5

Drag Pressure: F11

Drag Pressure: 12.5

Tip – You can use the Pen tool to draw shapes. You can then use the Create New Shape or Control/Draw Freehand tools to create new shapes for the image.

7. Draw a simple shape

Click inside the rectangle you just drew and use the arrow keys to draw a circle. Change the

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System Requirements For Photoshop CC 2015 Version 17:

– Mac OS X 10.10 or higher
– 600 MHz Processor or better
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