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The first fantasy game using UNREAL4 Engine in which a variety of game content can be combined (building, crafting, dungeon exploration, trading, PvP).
As an RPG Maker fan, I got together with a large number of people and worked on the project full-time.

The game contains a variety of content, including:

1. City building! You can start with a small town, or build your town so that it is an ideal fantasy kingdom. You can craft items and materials, buy items and materials from the marketplace, and also buy VIP quests.

2. Adventure dungeons! Explore the dungeons that rival the large areas of the world map and become a hero!

3. Clash with other player characters! Enter the world of battle, and battle others, with other characters from other regions!

4. Upgrade your equipment! Equip items with different stats from the Equipment section.

5. Save the world! Defeat monsters that lie between the world of fantasy, fight for your rights, and keep your kingdom intact and safe from destruction!

* Game contents may be changed or expanded in the future.

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Features Key:

  • Realtime battles
    Fight with the NINE GODS!!!
  • Skill and progression system
    Carry unique skills which are equipped after using Battle Points called AP.
  • Armor with various functions
    Equip various weapons and armor varieties to search for the heroes’ optimal matching formula.
  • Battle against overwhelming odds
    In the midst of battles with the unavoidable assistance of the AI engine, control your own strength in the Arena War!!!
  • An atmosphere of grandeur and feast
    Exercise your imagination as you travel in this Lands Between!
  • Close and vast worlds
    The Lands Between has several different worlds and are connected with each other.
  • A return of the FRONTLINE game play
    Break the boundaries of adventure game battle systems with a one-on-one, one-on-one, character vs. character, or one-on-one, character vs. enemy battle format!
  • Cross over
    Familiar story elements from previous FRONTLINE games, which you can enjoy and explore together with the new characters in the future.
  • *The Lands Between is still in development state

    Gameplay format:

    In “THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG”, players can freely explore the Lands Between while battle-jetting with the unique AI controlled heroes in open world environments. By carrying out quests from various NPCs that the player encounters, the adventure will get exciting. Players can create a heroes by selecting the gender and appearance freely, such as gender, appearance, name and customization options. Customizing the hero’s appearance can be done freely by a variety of items, from general equips, to special awards and experience points. Players will receive in-game items such as weapons and equipment and experience with time. As the level of the heroes increases, new skills will be acquired by using the AP received from battles while exploring. Battle-jetting allows players to search for a battle field and will be initiated when a monster appears in front of the player. Players can select and use various forms of weapons and items freely. They can also freely use magic depending on their weapon types. Skills are used to return the hero’s HP to 100, from which players can choose one of the skills to use freely. Some skills require to be learned after


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    Elden Ring [32|64bit] [Latest]

    Travelling World
    You play as the protagonist in the Lands Between, where you will meet various quests, discover new dungeons, and form a party.
    Exploration-oriented Game System
    The game’s main feature is a clear, simple, yet action-packed exploration-oriented game system. Through executing various quests, you can freely roam the world.
    Quest System
    The quest system has a wide variety of quests in all situations. There are quests that you can accept and quests that you can reject.

    Death Fall of the Decorated Ruler
    – a quest that places importance on avoiding falling from height
    – a quest that causes you to encounter an even greater obstacle than before.
    – a quest that you can refuse and an NPC goes crazy.
    – a quest that can be finished only if you utilize your skill.
    – a quest that becomes a huge difficulty.
    – a quest that is only available in a certain level.
    – a quest that is followed by a classic, melancholic battle.
    – a quest that takes place in a very snowy area.
    – a quest in a very long dungeon.
    – a quest that requires a certain level to carry out.

    The rewards are offered up to at least the level to satisfy your desires.

    –– The Grid System
    You can move in a grid-based structure. You are capable of moving in all directions, be it horizontally or vertically, and are able to freely move to the upper and lower areas of the map.
    –– Movement System
    You can freely move around the game world. You can move in any direction and fast-travel to a certain area. You can perform a random movement to cause chaos. You can freely perform a fast movement to enter through the map to acquire special items or fight monsters.

    Main Character
    You are the main protagonist of the game. You are just a normal person that wanders in the Lands Between. You can freely select one of four races, and at the beginning of the game, you choose one of the three races to form the party.


    – Human

    You can be a human.

    – Elf

    You can be an elf.

    – Dwarven

    You can be a dwarven.

    – Nymph

    You can be a nymph.

    – Wizened Elf

    You can be a wizen elf.

    You can freely form a party


    What’s new in Elden Ring:


    Focus and Become One!
    Release date
    Supporting period
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    Follow the journey of Tarnished, and be guided by grace to bring justice to the Lands Between.

    A great fantasy drama like a love story, with multiple endings.
    A great fantasy adventure full of excitement, also.
    A high fantasy with good role-playing elements.

    A different kind of dungeon crawling RPG.

    A mega city with unprecedented freedom.
    An immersive character development system.
    An elaborate battle system.

    An original dialogue system, creating a legendary work of fantasy in the RPG genre.

    A brand-new fantasy system with extensive content.

    A robust combat system where defense is key.

    An integrated open world with limitless possibilities.

    A new fantasy with an


    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
    Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K @ 3.30GHz or AMD equivalent
    Memory: 6GB RAM
    Graphics: Intel HD4000 or AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series
    Storage: 13GB available space
    Additional Notes: Requires a 64-bit operating system to run.
    Processor: Intel Core i