Sample Modeling Swam Clarinet Vst Plugin Fix

Sample Modeling Swam Clarinet Vst Plugin Fix

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Sample Modeling Swam Clarinet Vst Plugin

All SWAM Engine instruments are not a simple recording of notes via sample libraries, but a set of real virtual instruments based on their traditional counterparts, and they allow you to control the expression of a virtual acoustic instrument: whereas a sample library repeats a pre-recorded sound, SWAM instruments play for real.

SWAM Cello is an effective medium for composing any musical genre thanks to the fantastic expressive power of this instrument. Once installed, just tweak its expressive parameters to create an immediate and spontaneous new sound, and add it to your song. Choose SWAM Cello for composing, producing or performing live any musical genre by layering it in a section with no artifacts and simply selecting different timbres for each instance. For the ultimate realism, synthesize your own sound with the amplitude and pitch-tracking controls, freely mutate them with the morph controls, or use the intuitive scoring system to give a very expressive performance instantly. More than any pre-recorded library, SWAM offers the perfect sonic glue to create a unique and original sound that will get your audience’s attention.

Take advantage of the most advanced modeling technology in the world and import a truly natural acoustic sound to your song: a virtual double reed instrument called SWAM Clarinets is now available for Kontakt. By now, the traditional technique used for recording double reeds with tape, was based on fixing a note’s pitch, then recording and playing it many times with different volume levels until a perfect result is obtained. This is the same technique used for the majority of pre-recorded sample libraries. However, no matter how precise the results, the final sound is typically not as natural and expressive as the model you see right before you, because it cannot mimic the real-time spectral variability of natural double reeds. That’s where SWAM comes in – thanks to the seamless modeling of all acoustic instruments’ expressive parameters, you can now play pre-recorded samples with no artifacts.

a downside of the swam legato is that it tends to sound very resonant, which means that muted notes don’t sound as muted as they would in other vsl designs. this is because the resonant nature of the instrument is captured and added to the decayed note. in the swam solo string bundle, i found that muted notes did sound muted, and legatos could also be applied to a note that was still sounding. it was a little disappointing that the clarinet sounded a little too bright for my tastes, and i couldn’t figure out how to get the swam solo horns to sound the way the swam solo strings sound. hopefully audio modeling will be able to address this issue in future updates. the bottom line is that the swam solo horns were a revelation for me. i expected the sound to be bright, to the point of distortion, but it was not. i played through a vox ac30 and a t-bone me-80, and the clarinet was every bit as rich and clean as either, if not more so. for those of us who missed out on the classic roland mc-120, the swam solo horns provide a very usable version of this instrument, delivering the same experience as the vintage instrument, and sounding as good as the mc-120 in recent tests. if you want to play a gorgeous, resonant, sparkling high-pitched clarinet sound, then buy the swam solo horns. the only other trumpets on the market are the yamaha fg123 and the roland mc-20. both of these trumpets have the same issue as the swam solo horns: bright brass sound, and they are otherwise excellent instruments. my advice would be to buy the swam solo horns, then buy an mc-20 or a fg123 to go with them. 5ec8ef588b

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