The Good Shepherds

The Good Shepherds

Dear Lord and all loved ones looking over us,

 Lend us Your guiding hands as we embark on our quest to assist those in need.  You taught us that the good shepherd would forget everything but finding the lost sheep.  May the lost sheep be never alone while the shepherds search.

Grant us the strength, insight, and resources to recover the lost ones.  Grant us the harmony to work Slot Gacor Hari Ini together in mutual support.  Hold the lost in Your caring hands.  Hold us together as we spread out and search. Make us guardians to those within our reach.

We pray for the family of the missing.  May You comfort them with Your presence and the knowledge that so many care and are working to help.

We give thanks for each person who has stepped forward, and for every prayer offered.

We know that You are all, and that your light always overcomes. 

The good shepherds will never give up the search.


~ SSAR Member