Superstition Search and Rescue Inspires ‘Rock the Boat’

By Julie Baker
The Art Institute of Phoenix
Advertising Major

You are at Thanksgiving dinner surrounded by loved ones and enchanted with the mouth-watering aroma of succulent turkey, sweet potatoes and warm apple pie. Your pager abruptly interrupts the evening. Immediately you begin a two-hour travel to save someone’s life.

This story is not about a superhero. This story is about regular men and women with superhero hearts.

The Superstition Search and Rescue team is a volunteer service organization affiliated with the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office in Florence, Arizona. The purpose of the non-profit group is to assist individuals who experience wilderness-related problems such as: injuries, being lost, an excess of heat or cold exposure.

Robert Cooper has been actively volunteering for 14 years. “It’s a lifestyle. You must have very understanding spouses and bosses. The majority of the people that join say it is all worth it,” shares Cooper.

The time donated is immense. Not only must they travel far to reach the victims, they must constantly attend rigorous trainings to stay in top shape and up to date. They are only reimbursed for the gas they use to commute to the victims. They are not completely funded for costs of equipment and certainly not their time.

Through the ‘Rock the Boat’ project, the proceeds made from the auction of the Chris Craft will be donated to Superstition Search and Rescue.

Host, Keith Bennet, explains, “This the foundational story of why the boat is being refurbished.”

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